January 14 - Day Innovation Booster


Next Innovation Booster 14-day program launches January 15th.......

You'll up your innovation metabolism with easy to implement daily innovation brain boosters.

You'll receive one 3-minute brain booster exercise to do every morning to up your innovation metabolism all day. More innovation, more ideas, work smarter - not harder...

There are prizes, community, competition, fun and most importantly, in 3-minutes with quick, easy exercises you can do anywhere, you'll begin to tap your greatest asset even more - your innovative mind - 24/7 

Because we engage with the community, chat on Facebook, answer questions, give prizes and well, get all up in it, we only do 4 challenges a year. Next program doesn't begin until January. 

14-Day Innovation Booster Daily Exercises Include:

Day One:  Geek Out
Day Two: Doodle Away
Day Three: Play On The Fringes
Day Four: Shut It Off
Day Five: Just Be IQE
Day Six: What If
Day Seven: Be Grateful
Day Eight: Change Perspective
Day Nine: Yes And
Day Ten: Music Mix
Day Eleven: Ask The Opposite
Day Twelve: Talk To A Stranger
Day Thirteen: Wet Clay
Day Fourteen: LaunchStreet

.....Oh Yeah!


And don't forget the community comments, closed Facebook group and awesome sauce included. 

What People Are Saying:

“We run a mid-size print shop so we signed up our team and did it together. We used the innovation exercises LaunchStreet provided in our team meetings. This led to some innovative ideas and some solutions to big challenges we would have never uncovered before. We joined LaunchStreet too because we get so much value. ”

Brad & Helen

“This is was just what I needed to get my innovation juices flowing! Helped me be seen as an innovator at the company I work for which has over 10k employees. That's helped me in a lot of ways. Thanks Tamara!”


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